Fight Cancer by Treating the Whole Patient

Cancer treatment isn’t something you can do on your own. You need a physician’s help in order to survive, and that is a medical fact. However, some patients benefit from alternative cancer treatments that treat the body, mind and spirit.

Surviving cancer requires mental and physical strength. Unfortunately, a big side effect of common cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery is fatigue and weakness. Prayer, meditation and other relaxation therapy can help to fortify the spirit and bring peace to the minds of cancer patients when they need strength the most.

A holistic approach combined with traditional medical treatments takes into account more than just the physical problem. It attempts to heal the entire person.

Cancer is caused when the DNA of a cell goes haywire and reproduces at a rapid rate. If a flawed cell begins to replicate fast enough, a tumor forms. Tumors impede the function of the body’s vital organs when they metastasize, or in other words, spread to other parts of the body from where they originally formed.

Scientific research has linked certain substances to cell damage, which can lead to cancer. These substances are known as carcinogens. A person’s age and heredity, things in a person’s environment and even certain viruses are all potential carcinogens. From the sun and its connection to melanoma to the correlation between the HPV virus and cervical cancer, carcinogens surround us every day.

However, many things that people say cause cancer have not yet been confirmed by medical research. Be sure to ask a medical doctor about your risk factors and collect the medical facts about carcinogens before you draw any conclusions based on hype or rumors.

In order to cure cancer, the tumor must be either surgically removed or dissolved using chemotherapy or radiation. The treatment essentially kills off the cells that are reproducing with damaged DNA. Without removing the tumor, malignant cancer cells will spread to other parts of your body and eventually kill you.

Occasionally, a benign tumor is found in the human body. A benign tumor is often harmless to the body. It is a collection of damaged cells that have reproduced to form a tumor, but the tumor isn’t growing at a fast rate, if at all. It will likely not travel to any other parts of the body, and it can often be ignored. Your doctor will let you know if you have a benign tumor you can live with or if it needs to be surgically removed.

Cancer treatment is a frightening process. From diagnosis to remission, it is a tough road to walk. Be sure you’ve gathered all the information you can on your treatment options. Look to your physician for help and advice about alternative treatments. Above all, keep your dignity and your strength.

Beware of people that prey on the elderly and those suffering for money. Trust in the people that went to medical school and know about the latest advances in the world of scientifically proven cancer treatments that have been peer-reviewed and published in medical journals. Life is a precious gift, so be sure to preserve your health by caring for your mind, body and spirit while you overcome cancer. It isn’t the death sentence it once was. Thankfully, many treatment options exist today.

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