10 Possible Causes of Itching Anal

The complaint of juckreiz im analbereich or anal itching can be a result of many causes. And it is going to embarrass you at least once in your life. We feel anxious when we notice the symptoms continuing for longer. Yes, it may not be common and could be a sign of illness. Special kind of diagnosis and treatment is available by specialized doctors for juckreiz after. You do not have to worry much, as the practitioners have the best solution for this thwarting problem.

Possible Causes of Jucken Am After:

1.Pinworm and Hookworm Infections – This human intestinal worm infection is not a rare worm infection in humans. It will spread easily and very common among the children and their best buddies in family. The hookworm parasites could infect you more easily and make you sick. The microscopic pinworm eggs could affect people of all ages and create some health issues. Proper diagnosis and medication could hookworm and pinworm infections from spreading and stop juckreiz im analbereich.

2.Hemorrhoids – Internal hemorrhoids creates issues within the anus and the external hemorrhoids at outer part. It is treatable but causes pain in anus, severe jucken am after, sitting difficulties, etc. Irritations, pain, bleeding, noticeable blood clots in the swollen vein at anus are the signs to meet a doctor sooner.

3.Genital Warts – This sexually transmitted infection caused through certain strains of the HPV or human papillomavirus, and found as soft growths on the genitals. It leads to discomfort, itching, pain, etc on those body parts. It could be noticed inside or around the anus creating discomforts like juckreiz after.

4.Keloids – The scar tissue forms over the wound and when its formation feels excessive it creates a lumpy area on skin. These are not harmful to human health but the itch like complaints are common. Keloids may shrink by time or with medication.

5.Diaper Rash – It is one of the most common skin irritation issue noticed among most children. It creates itches, burning, redness, etc and you can find those areas of skin warm.

6.Ringworm and Scabies – Dermatophytes cause ringworm that is circular-shaped rashes with slightly raised edges. These itchy rashes spread over the skin through infection. The tiny microscopic bug human itch mite causes scabies like skin infestation. It causes rashes on waist, buttocks, and other body parts.

7.Proctitis – Hurting proctitis symptoms can be treated effectively with medication as well as lifestyle changes. But in few cases, it leads to some complications like ulcers, anemia, etc.

8.Body Lice Infestation – The parasitic insects or lice infest the human head, body, and majorly the pubic area. It could cause intense juckreiz im analbereich plus red bumps on the skin near the waist or groin.

9.Flea Infestations –Fleas are the insects whose bite cause allergic reaction that lead to intense itching and rashes. You can also experience juckreiz after through it.

10.Anal Cancer – The patient can notice hemorrhoids like symptoms that includes jucken am after, pain, bleeding from rectum, etc.

Besides these some other factors may cause the itching in your anus area. You have to visit a doctor soon to diagnose and known the real issue. Through earlier diagnosis, you can prevent hazardous anal cancer too.

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