Colon cancer: stool with blood requires medical check

Often the patient is diagnosed late because he presents to the doctor late: patient blames hemorrhoids for delay and discover the cancer too late. Fear of colonoscopy is another reason for patient to avoid medical check. Stool with blood is required to be checked by a specialist to see if it is about hemorrhoids or something more serious – colorectal cancer. We must do not have such control delayed because the disease gets worse if we come to the doctor later.

Discovered in early stage disease is curable

Unfortunately, the symptoms of colon cancer (blood stool, melena, diarrhea or constipation, weight loss) occur in an advanced stage of disease, when it could be even metastasis. Colon cancer is often an inherited disease. It’s not necessarily a direct transmission. Not necessarily mean that every child is ill with cancer. But it is an inherited disease that can spread to one child. If in the family it was a patient with bowel cancer, children of affected parent must be necessarily investigated, even if they do not have any symptoms. For a polyp to become cancer bulky, requires a long time, years. Unlike the stomach or esophagus, where the cancer develops in a few months, in intestine the evolution is slow. However, it can be detected when the phase can be completely cured.

Symptoms that should send us urgently to the doctor

* Loss of blood in the stool – rectoragy (fresh blood in the stool), if the tumor is located in the rectum, a little above on the left;
* Melena (black stool) – that if the tumor is located in the proximal colon;
* Transit disorder – a person who until recently had a normal transit (have normal stool every day), go at constipation or diarrhea. And constipation or diarrhea persists. Depends which one is dominant symptom.
* Weight loss – the patient can maintain their appetite, lose weight, but without reason.
* feeling that after repeated stool bowel does not empty completely;
* Common feeling of bloating and / or abdominal cramps;
* Stool thinner than usual;
* Weight loss for no apparent reason;
* Persistent feeling of exhaustion;
* Vomit repeatedly.

Current recommendations for early detection (screening) of colorectal cancer state that since the age of 40 years both men and women to carry a minimum of:
* A test for occult bleeding each year;
* A colonoscopy every five years;
* A rectal examination before each colonoscopy examination;
* Important: This screening program should begin earlier if in your family were cases of colorectal cancer, intestinal polyps, anal bleeding, or chronic inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis.

Colorectal cancer is preventable. Tests such as colonoscopy screening and early detection are extremely accurate and can detect polyps (small formations increased in colon wall); these polyps can be removed immediately, even during colonoscopy. Early detection and removal of malignant polyps stops developing colorectal cancer, it cannot reach the stage which endanger the patient’s life.

Calivita natural products useful in the treatment of colon cancer

Shark cartilage extract from Shark Aid composition is beneficial in preventing the development of malign and benign tumors and also has anti-inflammatory effect. Has good effect particularly in cancer prevention and is an important adjuvant in therapy of malignant tumors.

Omega 3 fatty acids are known for their anticancer effect, reducing the formation of malignant cells. Has antioxidant effect, providing protection from free radicals.
Long-term consumption of Noni Liquid improves digestion, helps to form digestive juices and reduces the harmful effects of smoking and alcohol consumption. Can be also used as adjuvant it cancer therapy and malignant tumors.

Digestive enzymes and herbal extracts from Digestive Enzymes supplement composition participate to the normal digestive processes and the formation of gastric juice. It was scientifically demonstrated that digestive enzymes have a positive effect on digestion and elimination of toxins. Digestive Enzymes supplement is beneficial for digestive disorders, but also for overall health.

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