Crystal Quest Filters Remove Chlorine That Has Been Proven To ?Increase? Your Cancer Risk

Take out the poisonous, very corrosive, and suffocating chemical, chlorine from your tap water, with one of the crystal quest filters from the numerous different varieties available. America uses chlorine as a staple in water purification, because of chlorine’s ability to kill bacteria.

Water that was unsafe for drinking, because of bacteria causing infectious diseases, plagued people for years. Bacteria is the main reason that chlorine was added to the public water supply in America. When the mortality rate went down, because chlorine was added to drinking water, individuals began to think of it as a safe alternative for water purification.

The reaction of chlorine with organic matter that is found in water, can develop carcinogenic Trihalomethanes, which are dangerous and increase cancer risks. Researchers from the Medical College of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, proved the carcinogenic consequences, in 1992. A higher risk of getting bladder and rectal cancer, is one of the findings of the study, caused when the drinking water supply has high levels of the chlorine by-products which people use on a regular basis. Chlorine by-products in tap water that are used regularly, have been linked to an increase of approximately 18% of the risk of obtaining rectal cancer.

Meta-analysis was used by Harvard colleagues and an epidemiologist, to find out the connection of cancer risk and chlorine being used in the drinking water supply of America. The 10 most important studies of the risk of cancer and the addition of chlorine to tap water, underwent the meta-analysis. The statistics that were discovered, proved that people who regularly drink water that has been chlorinated, showed a 38% rectal cancer risk increase. An increase of 21% in bladder cancer in people that were repeatedly drinking chlorinated water for an extended time period, was shown by the same study.

9 out of every 10 Americans are drinking tap water that has been chlorinated, and contain trihalomethanes, ?named? disinfection by-products or DBP’s. Joseph M Price, MD wrote the book Coronaries/Cholesterol/Chlorine, which mentions some very frightening facts. Joseph Price states, that chlorine by-products found in drinking water are a primary agent causing arteriosclerosis which can result in a stroke or heart attack. Trihalomethanes, the by-products of chlorine, are reported by Joseph Price, to be produced when leaves, twigs and other organic matter like the chemicals used in agriculture, mix with the chlorine that is added to our drinking water.

You can filter your tap water to remove chlorine from the tap water, and help control these problems and decrease your cancer risk. There are also additional chemicals that can be damaging to your health, that are found in the drinking water supply of America, which need to be removed using crystal quest filters.

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