Temozolomide Blocks The Growth And Spreads Of Cancer Cells

The number of cancer affecting patients is continuously rising. The death rate due to increase in such numbers has caused them to painful death due to various types of cancers. There are many chemotherapy treatments to treat cancers, but most of them are proved to be ineffective. One of the most effective and popular chemotherapy treatments available for the treatment of cancer cells are known as ‘temozolomide’. It is the famous and most demanding treatments used to cure brain tumors. This medicine is used to cure brain cancer tumors in adults.
It is a remedy for curing brain cancers by providing to patient orally and its dosage available in the pharmacy stores available in many strengths such as- 5 mg, 20 mg, 100 mg, 140 mg, 180 mg, and 250 mg. This capsule should be consumed only as directed. However, it has to be taken once in a day every evening on an empty stomach, with a glass of water. Many times, it is also given to the patient for 6 to 7 weeks and this length of treatment may even change which depends on the patient’s body reaction to this medicine.

Though, it is an effective medication but the procedures should be performed with caution. Person buying this kind of medicine should make sure that they avoid eating it if the capsule is leaked or broken and if powder is formed of the capsule then it should not be breathe in. A person should make sure to wash the hands properly if his skin comes in the contact with the capsule. While taking temozolomide medicine, a patient should make sure that he avoids chewing or crushing of the capsule and consume it as whole. After taking this pill, chances of recovering brain tumors increases, but it may also increase the chance of getting caused by other cancer cells. It is patient’s duty to keep the doctor informed if he has allergy reactions to the use of this capsule, food products, preservatives, dyes, or animal.

A pregnant women or breastfeeding women should also inform the doctor and take his advice to use this medicine. A woman who is breastfeeding her child or a woman who is becoming pregnant may create problem for child if she taking use of this medicine. There should be full restrictions on consumption of alcohol, smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco while patient is under serious treatment using temozolomide capsule. This medicine should be avoided to get exposed to moisture, heat and light, and must be kept in a closed container. Since every medicine has side-effects, so this capsule also contains some effects on the health which remains for some period and then goes away. It has been noticed that this capsule also causes infections; blood in the urine; and decrease in the number of blood cells, especially white blood cells.

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