Information On Oral Warts

Every wart is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus enters the body through cracks or breaks of the body or transmitted through intercourse. There are any different types – common warts, flat , plantar, fillform, genital and oral . Warts may be raised or flat, large or small, smooth or rough. They may be flesh colored or pink, brown or red. Warts aren’t painful and are non cancerous tumors but they may be painful and extremely irritating once disturbed.

Oral warts are the type that appear within the throat and mouth. Warts may appear in within the oral cavity and the lips. It has been found that oral warts are more common among people who are diagnosed with HIV infection. The reason why oral warts are becoming very common is the growing popularity of oral and anal sex. Oral warts also appear in children. An additional cause of oral warts is the unhygienic habits of people. Using mouth washes and brushing can help prevent.

In this circumstance, bumps and rashes display inside the mouth and the mouth becomes very sore. It is an uncomfortable and can be painful too. These oral warts are more dangerous than the other warts. The other warts are on-cancerous but oral warts may lead to mouth cancer. Therefore it’s very vital that the person who is experiencing oral warts quickly consult a doctor and obtain the required treatments and prescriptions.

Sadly, it’s not simple to take care of the warts inside the mouth. Appearance of warts in the mouth is the most inconvenient because unlike other places we can’t apply topical medicines inside the mouth or put duct tapes, etc. There are many treatments available for removing warts but only a few can be applied in the case of oral warts. Surgical removal, cryotherapy, intralesional injections of interferon alpha, etc are some means of treating oral warts. All the treatments should be performed by a doctor and should in no way be tried at home. The tools of the doctor are sterilized and therefore they don’t make way for further infection. But these treatments are just temporary. Warts show up from time to time depending on the immune system of the individual since the virus can’t be eliminated from the body.

Therefore it’s extremely essential that we take good care and protect ourselves and other people from this virus. To prevent oral warts one must avoid oral sex, use mouth washes, avoid changing shoes or socks, don’t walk barefoot, don’t share cups and spoon with infected people, etc.

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