Breast cancer In Men

Underdeveloped as they may be, men too have breast tissues. This means men are prone to developing breast cancer too, just like females, even though their risk is about a hundred times lesser than females. About 1% of breast cancer cases are those of male breast cancer.

While women are more susceptible to breast cancer, the fact remains that they are also more likely to survive it than a man will, simply because they are more likely to seek treatment earlier. Men simply are not aware of the risk that they have for breast cancer, however men who have man boobs often fear it.

One of the identified risk factors of developing the disease is advanced age. Men in their 60s are the most susceptible to the disease. Family history is also one risk factor that has been identified. Other risk factors include radiation exposure and a history of liver disease because liver diseases reduce androgen levels and raises estrogen levels in men, which make them susceptible to the disease. In this regard, men who have received estrogen treatments are also highly susceptible to the disease. Other factors include genetic mutations such as having Kleinfelter?s syndrome.

It is important, however, to realize that man boobs is not a definite indication that one will develop breast cancer as well, and breast cancer is not just a threat for men with man boobs. All men can develop breast cancer. With that said, however, when it comes to breast cancer in older men and young males, Gynecomastia is a factor, even though the condition itself is not cancerous.

You should instantly get an enlarged breast or other abnormalities examined. For diagnosis, clinical breast examination, biopsies, mammograms, breast ultrasounds, even nipple discharge examination can be adopted. Mammograms are said to work better in men than in women because females have a dense breast tissue which makes the process difficult. If the biopsy reveals cancer cell presence, getting the breast tissue tested for presence of estrogen and progesterone is a good idea, since these female hormones can stimulate cancer growth, as is the case with 80% to 90% male breast cancer cases, and can be stopped at source.

Again, it is important for every man to be aware of the symptoms which include a lump in the breast, nipple discharge, a retracted nipple, and/or ulcerations on the breast. It is important to note that lumps that indicate breast cancer will not be painful, which is why they are often ignored by men.

Ironically, while men who have man boobs are at a greater risk of developing breast cancer than men who do not, those who do have male boobs have a greater chance of survival. This is because if you have man boobs, the cancer will typically be further away from the chest cavity, reducing the speed at which the cancer spreads, whereas if you do not have man boobs, the cancer is right next to the chest cavity, and the cancer spreads quickly.

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