How important love is in chronic pain life


How important love is in chronic pain life

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This may sound a little silly, but in terms of self-care, it’s really important question. It’s also may sound easy, but it’s not, check by yourself. We probably everyone heard to ‘love your neighbor…’ but usually we forgot the rest of it ‘as yourself’. In my opinion it’s impossible to give something away you don’t have. You have to love, or at least like yourself to start loving others. You are the first living thing for yourself and you should be the leader in story of your life.
When you consider living with a chronic pain or illness every-day, it’s really important to become your own most loved person. To ensure you look after yourself every day and take care about your care and how you feel. While working as a nurse I was astonished to meet people who simply don’t know what ails them. I understand that some of peoples who suffer from some illness don’t like the Internet as they could be easily fooled by wrong information. It’s possible, but there is plenty of good in there, suffering doesn’t have to be connected with alones, but you could meet here people with similar conditions you are, talk with them, listen or give advices. That’s great and don’t forget about it to share. There are also medical services where you have to pay to read something, and that’s just greed, I’ve never paid for such thing as there are also a lot of altruistic people out there who would like to share with others their experiences and their knowledge. So try it on!
You have to find out and understand what you are up against considering your health to protect yourself from misinformation. Try to find different sources, read and read until you will be satisfied, if there is something wrong, just ask. There are plenty of people who help. Remember your diagnosis, keep all your current meds listed. Explaining is really useful tool with dealing with all that mess. Take charge of your life. You do not need to go to medical school, but just try to be informed and try to gain your knowledge to understand what doctors are talking about. It’s a way better to hold your own life with your own hands than letting someone else. You don’t have to compete with doctor or to become smarter, but just try to keeping up.
Nowadays trend is to provide patient with all information whether the news is good or bad. Your right is to see your records, change doctors and ask so long until you feel satisfied or someone gives you really smart answer. Ask your pharmacist about your meds, they should answer any question you put. Also it’s a good idea to stick to one pharmacy while filling your meds so they will know you and may notice some interaction. The most important of all is to have your medicine history all cleaned up, updated and in order! Trust me on this last one.
Now, while I’m preparing for my surgery and trying to straighten things up, I remember how important speaking out is, ask question and speak up for yourself. For example, I found out my Advance Directive I filled out when I had my cardiac ablation procedure a few years ago. Together with me husband I discussed what we would like to happen with each of us if anything unpleasant will happen. We also informed our daughter as she lives near us. I think that our son would not argue with our wishes as well. But when I dug out this form I wondered if it is still valid. I decided to call nearest hospital and ask specialist in the medical records department where I get those forms. She told me the directive is valid unless I’ve changed my decision. You should check what law is in your state considering such cases.
This year we had also pay a small sum due annually for the local ambulance/airlift service. In our area it is the Life Flight network. We live quite far from larger cities so if anything dangerous will happen, it’s almost sure we will be transported via helicopter or ambulance to Portland, which is probably nearest big city with advanced hospital. In January, when I was laying in the emergency room during a snow storm I was wondering how we would drive to Portland when all roads where shiny and slipper. As you remember there was question about a pulmonary embolus and it surely needed a transfer to Portland’s hospital. I must admit that I had never thought about them until I reached that emergency room. But those ambulance crews’ are our first help in the worst.
Probably it’s nothing revealing or new, but we’re not getting any younger, you know? In my opinion, patient who cares about himself/herself and pays attention to what is going on with him/her will get a better quality of care. For start, you have questions to ask, don’t have to wondering about that. You will be more helpful to your loved ones when you know more about them and their particular state. I think that everyone deserves the best care and it doesn’t matter if one doesn’t think it does. Take care about yourselves and your love ones.

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