Rumor: microsoft points out, regular currency in

I don’t like to post about rumors, but I make special exceptions for rumors that I have a particular fondness for. This is one of those rumors.

Anyone that has ever booted up an Xbox 360, Zune, or Windows Phone has, at one point or another, become well acquainted with the system of Microsoft Points; this is an arbitrary, confusing currency that Microsoft has used in recent years to deal with digital distribution across many of its platforms. The idea seems fair enough on paper, but upon further inspection it is anything but as consumers are forced to work with complicated mathematical ratios just to figure out how much a desired product costs. Complicating matters for the Washington-based industry giant is the fact that both of their competitors, Nintendo and Sony, have implemented systems allowing the purchase of virtual goods with universally understood forms of currency.

Earlier today, rumors surfaced that indicated a movement by Microsoft to move away from Microsoft Points and towards more regular forms of currency. The report indicated that the company was working with developers to begin adhering to the new policy instead of the archaic one in place before it.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. One can only hope that it turns out to be true, but more exciting rumors have been disproved in the past. A man can dream, though, a man can dream.

Source:InsideMobileApps via Joystiq

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