So many parcels

So here we go again… I can’t ever pass  up a special edition or mystery box so I got 2 IntiMint spring mystery boxes. IntiMint is definitely my favorite Mint site. The fabrics are ultra luxurious and the styles are comfy and modern. The comfy stuff is comfy and  stylish and the sexy stuff is comfy and stylish  and sexy all rolled up into one delicate little piece of lingerie.

The cost is $34.99 and is promised to have at least 4 pieces and as many as 5 with at least 1 being a gown or chemise. This is an awesome deal since most of the items with the exception of panties are $39.99 each. I love every single thing on the IntiMint site so the mystery box isn’t really a gamble for me just an awesome surprise.

BOX 1 

  • The first box had 4 pieces in it. The “Ella chemise” ($79.99 value) is inspired by the roaring 20′s and is right on trend with the great Gatsby recently hitting the theaters. It’s delicate and slinky and  ultra flattering.
  • The two piece that I already own are the: lace thong” ($9.99 value)  and  the “double string strap thong”($9.99 value) I already have several pairs of each in all of the colors but they are so great that I really don’t mind getting more.
  • The last item is the “Off the shoulder Lounge Top” ($59.99 value) it’s seriously one of the comfiest  pieces of clothing ever! By the way I already own the exact palazzo pants in the photo and I’m wearing the outfit while writing the blog and am in lounge heaven

Ok so the total value for box 1 is 59.96 so yeah how can anyone not be giddy about that



Box 2 also had 4 pieces in it and I shrieked with  excite the moment I saw what was in it.

  • The first item is the “Daisy satin and lace robe” ($99.95 value) it’s the mate to the “Ella chemise”  it’s also inspired by the great Gatsby and is a boudoir must have. The peacock feather lace detail is gorgeous. I really love that it’s a little bit shorter in the front . I’m only 5′ 2″ so I was worried that it was too short and might need to be hemmed but it was the perfect length.
  • The “cut out Henley tank”  ($39.98 value) is really cute and will definitely get lots of wear.
  • The “Bella notte lace trim pantry” ($9.99 value)is another item that I already own in a different color as well as  the “double string strap thong”($9.99 value) but again i really don’t mind one bit.

The total value for box 2 is 59.91… needless to say I’m completely ecstatic with both Mystery boxes

Ok I couldn’t help myself so I ordered 3 JewelMint mystery boxes. The cost is $24.95 and they promised at least 2 pieces  and as much 20 with 1 being form the 2013 collection. They also hinted that there might be an additional mom- JewelMint mystery gift as well. I love these because jewelry and accessories are my weakest link or myself so this is an awesome way to add to my wardrobe with out taking the plunge and making the decision myself.

BOX 1 

The first box was AMAZING!!! I shrieked with delight when I saw what was in it… I tried to look up the cuffs/bracelets on the JewelMint website to see which one is the 2013 piece but sadly could fined neither So i would say that they are both regular priced Jewelmint Items and have a value of $29.99 each.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE then both and will wear them non-stop. The oxidized finish and vintage/industrial look is exactly style. The twistbands are a nice little bonus they have a value of 0 so all and all I paid $24.99 and got $69.98 worth of  jewelry and hair accessories.



Box 2 had 3 pieces… It was not quite as exciting for meas the first because the items are a bit out of my usual comfort zone. They have definitely grown on me.  The dangling beaded necklace  looked great paired with a white tank and boyfriend cut jeans (couldn’t find it on the JewelMint site assumed regular JM value of $29.99) The ”shape shifter” earrings are part of the 2013 collection($29.99 value). I tried them on with a black maxi dress and they really dressed up my whole look. And Lastly the “chain mail” clutch ($59.99 value) is the perfect size for a night out. I was able to fit my phone, credit card, ID, extra cash, lipstick and powder int it with out stretching it out.  Over all this was a surprising hit  plus the 19.97 value made it an AWESOME buy.



Ok so mixed results on this one as well. The “blue angel” earnings (anther 2013 collection item $29.99 value) are just not my style. They are gorgeous  and I super wanted for them to look good on me but they just don’t.  I will be giving them out to one of you ladies that can give them a good home. The silver Bracelet with a light violet jewel is absolutely to die for and will again get tons of wear (another item not on the site assumed $29.99 value) The scarf  made by the brand Raj ($30 value) was the extra non-JewelMint item . I’m not a scarf girl so I gave it to my assistant who broke out with a huge smile and got a twinkle in her eyes  second she laid eyes on it.  the total value for this box was $89.98

So all and all I got an amazing deal and some really awesome pieces. I paid $74.96 and got $279.93 worth of products. Something For me, something for my assistant and something for one of you.  Not to bad right

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