Scalematrix hosting discourages viruses and spam

Streamlining Business Operations
Streamlining business operations all depends on how you use the cloud. Take advantage of all the features you can enjoy then by using such amenities as colocation support, back-up file services, and secure email platforms. One of the companies that can provide you with these benefits and other business services is ScaleMatrix, which includes anti-virus ScaleMatrix Hosting in its package of offerings.
Enterprise Class Email
Enterprise class email is just one of the great IT services that ScaleMatrix provides. This turn-key option is supported by certified professionals of Microsoft and is designed to supply a reliable email service for SMEs as well as larger-sized companies. Use the email solution for any one of a number of applications – desktop computer, mobile phone, or OWA (Outlook web access). The cost is affordable for the service too as it only runs about $8 per month per email.
Simple and Hassle-free
To make any cloud operation seamless and virtually carefree, ScaleMatrix features Matrix TotalCare™, which represents the service team at ScaleMatrix. This group of professionals can assist businesses in their migration to an enterprise-class platform.  Therefore, you’ll find that any change that involves using the cloud will be simple and hassle-free.
Security is Underscored
Security is paramount when you operate in the cloud. Using ScaleMatrix’s back-up and recovery system then makes the idea of a system failure hardly a concern at all. Recoveries, whether they are accidental or are caused by an outside source, can be made fast and efficiently.
You Only Need One Provider
The services that are offered by ScaleMatrix comply with the practices set forth in the computer industry. As a result, you can be assured, especially, when it comes to security, that you’ll receive the very best support in monitoring, engineering and automatic safeguards. So, if you want to make managing your business a simpler process and enhance your backup and security at the same time, you only need to turn ScaleMatrix to obtain the needed support.

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