You’re in my head

First of all, yes I am a punk and I don’t update my journal nearly often enough.

Second of all I am a punk because I don’t write back when people write me e-mail. So I would like to deeply apologize to any and all who have written to me and not yet gotten a response. I have been awake now for over 24 hours so I am far too tired now to write but I will be writting lots of mail tomorrow, so if you are waiting for a response, check your mail tomorrow.

I have had a lot on my mind lately on top of all that is going on in life. I finished my winter term class yesterday and I can say I am fully confident that I got an A though I haven’t gotten my grade yet. I started working 5 days a week again which is far more emotionally and physically exausting that I remembered. Spring classes start on Monday so I am getting ready for that. (Although it may be Tuesday if we get the snow we’re supposed to).

I have been thinking a lot about graduation and what I want to do with my life once I’m in the “real world”. Graduate school is an option down the road. I have a job as an assistant teach practically promised to me in an autism classroom which would be awesome. But of course being Angela I am now doubting that this is what I want to do in life. Sometimes I feel like I am not good enough, or not patient enough, or just not quite right for the job. That leaves me with the question, what else would I do?

I have also been having some financial concerns that thankfully are worked out now, but that has definately added to my stress levels. I haven’t been spending nearly enough time for myself lately which tends to send me into a bit of a state of depression. I am going to try and remedy that this weekend by doing some things just for me.

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