Bethel gate valve group held in
wenzhou overseas Chinese restaurants all welded pipe valves high parameters
JianDingHui, participate in new product evaluation experts “identification of
tsinghua university, lanzhou polytechnic university, zhejiang university, hefei
institute of general machinery, and the experts in unit of oil and other users
to unit representatives attended JianDingHui together.”
Judges LuoRenHong by
letter by zhejiang DiaoYanYuan host organizing, the municipal economic and trade
commission vice WuJian, deputy director of the standing committee and the
standing committee of the ZhouXingZhu, gate valve county
deputy county right belongs to the FengXueFu etc attend judges and director of
speech. Bethel HuangShengFeng, group leader YuJianGuo valve JinKeYu, JinYanChen,
ChenJianFu, joint attended high parameter all welded pipe ball valve new product
Experts committee listened to group JinKeYu of technical research
vice-president ChenJianFu vice-president summaries the economic benefit analysis
report, and put into production conditions, users report report, product
inspection report, s&t novelty searching report, reviewed the relevant
technical documents, and to group examined check valve the production
site and prototype. Then, the experts questioned and enterprise technology
rejoin, group JinKeYu and chief engineer and VGM technical center developers
common answered experts questioned, stem seal, welding technology, greasing
process design, material nondestructive testing, finite element analysis, how
the product online maintenance etc various questions made detailed
After discussing the expert thinks, bethel valve group companies
provide technical document material is complete, standard, accord with
identification requirements, while the products adopt modularization design
seating,butterfly valve independent
research and development, the combined sealing technology from after welding
heat welding process and composite load.calculated body safety assessment
techniques and develop within the online replacement check valve and greasing
the mouth the new structure, conducted the valve at home for the first time
bending load simulation test, have sealed reliable performance, automatic
compensation abrasion performance, stem seal can bring pressure maintenance, the
welding deformation characteristics in small seating, technical design, welding
process design and control deformation air valve of technical
innovation, product main performance reach similar products international
advanced level. Products approved by zhejiang pump valve product quality
inspection center testing, test index comply with large diameter high pressure
all welding ball valve new product test program requirements, user reflect good,
product safety high reliability. Appraisal committee to think this product
development is successful, agree through the provincial industrial new product
Petrochina leadership of my company to put forward the hope
and requirements. Lee Kai director said, bethel company can kitchen faucet further r&d in
natural gas pipeline, long distance pipeline equipment on the localization
equipment products of good quality, quick provide good after sales service and
provide services for our national industry for the enterprise, petrochina
willing to provide new products to enter the industrial experiment
The group chairman HuangShengFeng finally addressed the arrival of
each expert on his heartfelt thanks. He said, today all experts proposed many
precious to us, we will continue the Suggestions to improve, hope everybody
experts can continue to concern and support the development of bethel. The
identification of the whole welding line bathroom faucet high parameter new
product is our company focus on the development of a project, today’s review is
only a starting point, and said 1025 “in” the five years, is my company the key
development is five years. Believe in five years later, bethel show people’s
will is a brand-new appearance.

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