2 ED Treatments: Intracavernosal Injections and Vacuum Therapy

February 12th, 2013 learnxbo

Vacuum therapy and penile injections are two very popular treatments for erectile dysfunction. Even though you may use a penis pump with another treatment, you’ll never use injections alongside another treatment. First we need to get the idea of pricking the penis with a needle – in reality it’s only a very momentary sensation of discomfort. Current needles are no larger then a diabetic needle, very thin.

Intracavernosal Injections allow men to experience erections on command, it’s instant and works every time. Men with advanced diabetes or even spinal cord injury have experience success with injections. The medication used is a blend of several different types, there are about a dozen styles available re-inforcing the need a doctor consultation before attempting self injection. Furthermore, proper procedure is required to ensure it’s done safely. “

is an excellent resource to locate information and a doctor for a consultation to try this growing popular method for ED treatment.

As a comparison, penis pumps are another popular choice. They can be used with other methods like herbs and medications. About a 80 – 90% success rate can be experienced. As a comparison, injections are 100%. Vacuum therapy is also virtually instant, it takes only a few minutes to become erect. ” has information on penis pumps featuring explanation how they work. Again a doctors visit is important as vacuum therapy is fairly straightforward, it’s difficult to harm your penis with a penis pump but bruising could occur.

This is not the main reason why we say visit a doctor first – erectile dysfunction is a sign of cardiopulmonary disease so self diagnosis is a problems that could cause bigger problems. These 2 treatments cost minimal money compared to some other treatments but in the quest to eradicate male sexual dysfunction, they are 23 of the best methods, in this author’s opinion. Again a note on the author, Patrick Tangles counsels men across the USA on ED treatments that works, assisting men to discover the right combination that works ideally for their lifestyle.

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