Now treating at The Hale Clinic, Central London – Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Many of you will know that I offer late evening appointments in Chiswick on Tuesday evenings and weekend appointments on Saturday morning into early afternoon. I’m delighted to also be offering appointments on Thursday afternoons/evenings at the renowned Hale Clinic, 7 Park Crescent, London W1B 1PF. The clinic is only a few mins walk from Regents Park Station or Gt. Portland Street Station. Call me on 07977 067576 to book at appointment.

Within the clinic, I share treatment facilities with colleagues from The Cleansing Space, founded by Ruth Freeman, the wonderful colonic hydrotherapist, reflexologist and massage therapist treating hundreds of clients since she began practicising in 2004. Ruth offers colonic hydrotherapy and the unique ‘Glow Within’ detox and wellbeing programme, the latter provided with hypnotherapist and energy healer Maria Mariavelli.

Simon Henderson provides the most amazing Shiatsu massage for stress reduction, relaxation and pain relief.

Maria Mariavelli is an experienced hypnotherapist and Reiki Master & Teacher who has practiced internationally for a number of years. She now brings her uniquely successful approach using hypnotherapy and energy healing to The Hale.

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