Aglaia Biomedical Ventures

management team

Aglaia’s management team combines expertise in the areas
critical to biomedical startups.
The team, assisted by Aglaia’s Boards and business partners, is
actively engaged in the evaluation of opportunities and the co-founding
of ventures.

We draw on our experience in biomedical development, operations,
finance and business development to reaching the goals as defined together
with the entrepreneurial scientist. Our hand-on approach provides the
ventures we invest in with much more than funding and financial guidance.

Today’s management is formed by Mark
and “.

Mark is an expert in anticancer drug development. He has
been involved in the coordination of cancer research for over 15 years.
He has an extensive network in the scientific community as well as in
the pharmaceutical world. Karl has a background in early-stage venturing
and brings to Aglaia the essential know-how, experience, and network required
for entrepreneurship and corporate build.

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