Vital Health Club – Pennant Hills, Sydney

Vital offers a wide variety of classes. With over 62 classes on the timetable, there’s got to be something that you’ll really enjoy. You register your visit to the club and simply make your way to the Group Exercise Room, it’s that easy. Group exercise Classes are available for all Vital members, however Pilates Reformer Classes have limited places so you need to obtain a stamp from the Member Services Desk 15 minutes before the class begins.


The flowing classes are fantastic at strengthening your muscles and lengthening your spine without leaving you feeling exhausted after the class, only rejuvenated and invigorated.

Body Balance Stretch, strengthen and restore your body with a 21st Century blend of Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and meditation. All of this combined with uplifting and modern music.
Yoga Safe and effective yoga postures, powerful breathing techniques and focused meditation. Physical and mental benefits to all.
Tai Chi Tai Chi is an ancient form of martial art originating from China and has gained great popularity in recent years. Over 300 million people worldwide practice it as an effective therapeutic and holistic exercise for well-being and health of mind, body & spirit. It is an antidote for stress! Sometimes referred to as “Meditation in Motion” – Tai Chi movements are gentle, low impact, relaxed, elegant and continuous with an even rhythmic tempo suitable for all fitness levels and age groups.
Pilates Body awareness and strength for the core muscles of your body – great improvements in posture.
Pilates Reformer

A small, focussed class using the latest Reformer equipment to provide an overall conditioning workout for the whole body.

Gentle Exercise Classes

The gentle exercise classes are for beginners and for people who want to get back into exercise slowly.

Active Over 50’s A class designed for mature people providing fun, but gentle movements and exercises. Different levels of fitness and physical limitations are taken into consideration and catered for.
Easy Step A simple, yet effective step class for those who are new to step, or those who wish to learn the basic moves before trying a Step Moves class.
BAT A class with a strong emphasis on Bottoms, Abs and Thighs.
Body PUMP Is a strengthening class. Using adjustable barbells weights and motivating music, you can start light and as your strength improves, you can adjust the amount of weight you lift accordingly. A great class for everybody – guarateed to change the shape of your body.

Vital Health Club



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