Hi I’m Derek and welcome to my sports therapy and Personal training website

I have worked in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years as a Sports Therapist and Personal trainer. My experience has taken me abroad to work in Massage therapy clinics in Australia and New Zealand who are the industry leaders in this field. Since returning to the Uk I have set up a clinic in the heart of Glasgow in Argyle street club The Gym where I also offer personal training.

With my experience and qualifications I am able to offer a wide variety of treatments to help anyone from the normal gym user, office worker to competitive athlete. After an initial consultation I’ll be able to create a specific training and nutrition plan to help you achieve your fitness goals whether it be weight loss, building muscle or injury rehabilitation.

I have secured a contract with Redbull to work with their athletes, most notably BMX trialist star Danny Macaskill. My role is to ensure he stays fit and healthy and is able to perform at the highest level possible. I am currently preparing him for a documentary for C4 which will be airing next year.

I also work with professional fitness models such as PHD nutrition sponsored athlete Tony Pang. Tony has weekly treatments to help increase recovery time between his workouts, stay injury free and to help him prepare for competitions.

I love what I do and feel so passionate about helping people improve the quality of their life through Personal training and massage treatments. I find it so rewarding seeing my clients achieve their health & fitness goals, overcome injuries and improve their posture.

I myself will often exercise 5 times a week and love to keep in shape. I have entered and won 2 Natural bodybuilding competitions and plan on entering a physique show in 2014. To me health and fitness is a lifestyle and is part of who I am. I don’t believe in quick fixes or diet fads. If you train hard, eat clean and be consistent then you can obtain the body you want.

I believe in building trust and long lasting relationships with my clients so that they can get the best out of me and the best out of their body.

My qualifications

  • Diploma in Sport and Remedial massage therapy
  • HND Sports Therapy
  • Certificate in advanced stretching techniques
  • Certificate in fitness testing and assessment
  • Certificate in Exercise principles and programming
  • Certificate Nutrition, Diet and weight control
  • Certificate in Sports mechanics and human performance
  • Certificate in injury rehabilitation programming

I am currently studying to become an advanced Remedial massage therapist.

Education and Associates

The place

The Gym Group
Argyle street
Jamaica st entrance (beside Currys)

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